Book your Christmas trees for Monaco

It’s never too early to start thinking about how you’ll decorate your home or office for Christmas. Some like to take their time and wait until the last moment, others like to immerse themselves as soon as possible in the special magic offered by this season where love and family spirit reign. It is indeed a pleasure that we wish to share with you to prepare for the Christmas holidays, and at Narmino we offer you the most beautiful objects, the most beautiful fir trees, baubles, wreaths, nativity scenes, that you can imagine.


Discover some of our creations in the photo album below. Our florists have put all their art into creating the most beautiful trees in Monaco. You will be able to get a first idea and possibly choose yours. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for in these few examples, no worries! Our talented employees will be happy to offer you a tailor-made one, according to your wishes and tastes.


This year we have decided to offer more and more different collections to our customers and visitors, so that they can choose their Christmas decorations from an ever-widening range of possibilities. We therefore thought particularly of companies and offices in the Principality, for whom the imperative of a particular style is important, whether to decorate their premises or even their windows and balconies. Moreover, if you see beautiful decorations being installed on the facades of buildings in Monaco, there is a good chance that these are our creations!


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