Celebrate Mother’s Day with Narmino

The Art of Making Your Precious Moments Flower


Mother’s Day is a special occasion to express all our love and gratitude to those who have given us life and so much affection. In Monaco, this day of celebration is marked by elegance and refinement, values dear to Narmino, your florist and decorator since 1927. This year, transform your feelings into sumptuous bouquets and unique floral creations that will amaze hearts.


La Fête des Mères chez Narmino

Dazzling Bouquets to Say “I Love You”


At Narmino, each bouquet is a work of art, carefully composed to reflect beauty and love. For Mother’s Day, we have selected some of the most delicate and fragrant flowers: roses, peonies, orchids and lilies. Our creations come in a palette of soft and harmonious colors, symbolizing tenderness and admiration. Whether you choose a classic bouquet or a modern arrangement, each flower is carefully chosen to create a perfect harmony.


Custom Floral Creations


We know that every mom is unique, just like her tastes. This is why Narmino offers tailor-made floral creations, adapted to each person’s preferences. Our artisan florists are here to help you design personalized arrangements that capture the essence of your feelings. Whether it is an elegant centerpiece, a wall wreath or a garden arrangement, we put our know-how at your service to make this day unforgettable.


Share the Love with Narmino


This Mother’s Day, let Narmino help you express the depth of your feelings through the beauty of flowers. Visit our online store at www.clicknflowers.com or visit our store in Monaco to discover our exclusive creations. Together, let’s celebrate mothers and the precious moments they give us.


Offer the best of nature to the one who gave you everything. Happy Mother’s Day with Narmino!


Livraison de fleurs à Monaco à l'occasion de la Fête des Mères 2024

Flower delivery to Monaco on the occasion of Mother’s Day 2024

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