Event decoration at the Amazónico Monte-Carlo

It is with great pleasure that Maison Narmino was invited to flower and decorate an event in the brand new trendy venue in the Principality of Monaco: the Amazónico Monte-Carlo. This establishment, located on the second floor of the Café de Paris, has an exceptional view of the Place du Casino. Our mission was to flower and decorate table centerpieces in white and green tones this evening. Chic and distinguished bouquets, also highlighting the whiteness and purity of the flowers offered.



Narmino’s Decoration and Flowering Service: Floral Excellence in Monaco


Since its founding in 1927, the Narmino house in Monaco has been synonymous with excellence in floral art. Recognized for its high-end decoration and flowering services, Narmino continues to embellish the Principality’s most prestigious events with unique know-how and particular attention to detail. This article explores in depth the exceptional service offered by Narmino, focusing on a recent event held at the Amazónico Monte-Carlo restaurant.



A Tailor-Made Service for Every Occasion


Narmino excels in creating personalized ambiances for various events, whether weddings, corporate receptions or private parties. Each project is a blank canvas where Narmino florists deploy their creativity to reflect the vision and wishes of their clients. For the Amazónico Monte-Carlo, the objective was to merge luxury and exoticism, in order to capture the very essence of this emblematic place.



The decoration and flowering service offered by Narmino is not just about flowers; it is a transformative experience that enriches every event. The recent event at the Amazónico Monte-Carlo is a perfect example of how Narmino manages to combine tradition and innovation to create unforgettable moments. By choosing Narmino, customers are assured of benefiting from a service where every detail is taken care of and each floral arrangement tells a story.

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