Flowers, bouquets, bunnies and Easter eggs are on display!

As you know, we always try to create an enchanting atmosphere in our stores that will make you dream and take you on a journey into delicate and intimate worlds. It’s because our core business, the Art of the Flower, lends itself particularly well to this kind of expression. This is all the more the case when it comes to announcing and celebrating an important and meaningful event: Easter. An essential holiday for Christians, it commemorates the resurrection of Christ among them. Over time, it has also become a symbol of the rebirth of Nature that the spring season brings. We know that today you can discover through the few photos below, what our florists have imagined as decorations to highlight these elements. The photos were taken in our Narmino Monte-Carlo boutique located at 33 boulevard Princesse Charlotte, where we welcome you every day except Sundays (and public holidays) with great pleasure.


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