Flowers for International Women’s Day

Like every year, the Maison Narmino will offer its services on the occasion of an increasingly anticipated celebration: International Women’s Rights Day. Indeed, this particular time of the year, initially decided by the UN, aims to demonstrate to all women on the planet our full and complete attachment to their rights. Over time, this holiday, which many now call Women’s Day, has become a popular celebration that a very large part of the population celebrates.


So take advantage of the services of Maison Narmino to tell the women around you, those who accompany you, advise you, love you, that they are essential to you!


Our florists will welcome you to our stores in the Principality of Monaco and, while remaining attentive to your needs, will be happy to give you the most appropriate advice so that the bouquet you offer has the most beautiful effect!


Here are some examples of floral arrangements to give for this celebration:


  1. Radiant Pink Rose Bouquet: A classic and elegant arrangement of pink roses symbolizing gratitude and admiration. Perfect for expressing your respect and affection towards an exceptional woman.
  2. White and Green Lily Arrangement: This bouquet of majestic white lilies, surrounded by green foliage, embodies purity and beauty. Ideal for honoring a kind and gentle woman.
  3. Multicolored Tulip Bouquet: An assortment of tulips in various colors to bring joy and vitality. A perfect choice to celebrate the diversity and energy of the women around you.
  4. Peony and Ranunculus Composition: A combination of voluptuous peonies and delicate ranunculi, representing elegance and grace. To be given to a woman who inspires and dazzles with her presence.
  5. Wildflower Arrangement: A rustic bouquet mixing different wildflowers for a natural and spontaneous effect. Ideal for free-spirited and authentic women.


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La Journée internationale des droits des Femmes, une occasion d'offrir de belles fleurs

La Journée internationale des droits des Femmes, une occasion d’offrir de belles fleurs

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