Give red roses on Valentine’s Day

The giving of red roses on Valentine’s Day is a timeless tradition that transcends cultures, symbolizing the passionate and deep love we have for our loved one. At Maison Narmino, a renowned florist since 1927, this tradition is perpetuated with a touch of excellence and refinement. Our red roses are carefully selected for their vibrant beauty and incomparable freshness, promising to capture the very essence of your love. Each bouquet is a masterpiece, carefully crafted by our artisan florists, to ensure that your gesture of love is as memorable as it is sincere.


Why choose red roses from Maison Narmino to express your feelings on Valentine’s Day? Because beyond their visual splendor, our roses tell a story of commitment to quality and attention to detail. Offering a bouquet of red roses from Narmino is offering a piece of Monegasque history, a floral experience that stands out for its elegance and luxury. We understand the importance of this moment, and that’s why we are dedicated to making your Valentine’s Day gift an unforgettable memory, a true expression of love in its purest and most passionate form.


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Offrir des roses rouges à la Saint-Valentin

Offrir des roses rouges à la Saint-Valentin

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