Narmino in the spotlight on the Monaco Info channel

A few days ago, we welcomed with great pleasure the well-known news channel in the Principality: Monaco Info. The latter, as part of their “Those who make Monaco” meetings, came to interview Mr.Nicolas Matile-Narmino, manager and director of our two boutiques, but also of the brands Narmino Jardins and Green Plus, but also of the architecture division landscape of the company: Jardins Concept. The latter was able to discuss points that are important to him during this interview: namely in particular the question of flower supplies, which he wishes to become more and more local. We warmly thank the news channel for this spotlight on a House that is now almost a hundred years old.



Honoring our Partner Company Narmino Jardins


At Narmino Jardins, the art of creating and maintaining green spaces has been a passion cultivated since 1989. Based in the Principality of Monaco and active along the Côte d’Azur, Narmino Jardins stands out for its expertise and commitment to transforming each project into a unique and refined work of art.


Expertise and Know-How


Narmino Jardins offers a comprehensive range of services, from landscape design to regular garden maintenance, as well as the development of terraces and balconies. Thanks to an initial technical study of the terrain, their experts precisely define the specific needs of each space, thus ensuring optimal project customization.


Innovations and Achievements


The company also stands out for its innovative solutions, such as green walls and roofs, which add an ecological and aesthetic dimension to urban constructions. These installations not only beautify buildings but also contribute to improving air quality and thermal insulation of structures.


Collaborations and Partnerships


Narmino Jardins works closely with architects, technical consultants, and various professionals to offer high-quality services tailored to the specific needs of clients. This collaborative approach allows for ambitious and large-scale projects, such as the creation of Japanese gardens or the maintenance of prestigious residences in Monaco.


Commitment and Satisfaction


By collaborating with Narmino Jardins, we are confident in offering our clients exceptional landscaping solutions that are synonymous with quality and durability. Whether for large-scale projects or more modest developments, their expertise and passion for nature transform each space into a true haven of peace and beauty.


For more information on Narmino Jardins’ services or to discuss your next project, feel free to visit their website or contact them directly. Together, let’s create green spaces that enchant and inspire.


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