A new decoration at our shop on rue Grimaldi

A new fruity, colorful and lively atmosphere is offered to you in our shop at 1 rue Grimaldi in Monaco. By crossing the step of our door, you will enter a delicate and suave universe, tinged with a certain exoticism: faces in Fayence evoke distant lands, all like the golden peacocks which seem to be there the guardians of quantities of others treasures to discover. Among the sumptuous floral creations of our little hands are also hidden magnificent creations with patterns of vegetables or fruits, lemons, strawberries and others… little monkeys bring light into the recesses and busts of terracotta lions seem bear witness to possible adventures.


All this small secret world seems to be hidden by a delicate curtain of wisteria which unrolls on the window of the store and which undoubtedly attracts the attention of all passers-by in rue Grimaldi.


Cross the step of our door, to be initiated into the mysteries and the Beauty…


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