Our floral subscription service for businesses

At Maison Narmino, we have been working since the creation of the company almost 100 years ago to beautify the Principality. This of course involves offering our kind customers the most beautiful flowers and bouquets that we can provide them, but also by decorating professional premises with elegant floral arrangements.


Concretely, what is our floral subscription service for businesses?


This involves offering offices, trustees, businesses, restaurants, etc. in the Principality of Monaco an automatic and weekly delivery of bouquets, designed specifically to adapt to their premises and their decoration, in order to beautify the place.


The contract is established by both parties, according to the budget agreed together and can be interrupted at any time without notice.


It is therefore a great facility that is offered to companies in Monaco in order to guarantee their own customers a welcome in premises that are always beautiful and pleasant.


If you are interested in this formula specially designed for businesses, do not hesitate to contact us from this page.


Un bouquet selon notre formule d'abonnement floral hebdomadaire pour les entreprises

A bouquet according to our weekly floral subscription formula for businesses for the real estate agency Coldwell Banker Etic Realty.

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